Friday, February 1, 2013

Herschel Opens Early

According to news reports, Herschel's Famous 34 Pub & Grill in Athens is supposed to open up Super Bowl Sunday (February 3) at 1pm, but in actuality the restaurant held a soft opening on Friday. From first glance, it appears the Heisman Trophy winner has dropped a pile of cash on renovations. Everything in the place is brand new and state of the art, including touchscreens at every table for ordering.

The six page long takeout menu (not to mention the separate wing, drink, and dessert menus) is extensive and includes burgers, turkey meatloaf, ahi tuna, pasta, steaks, chicken, oysters, crab cakes, ribs, soups, six kinds of potatoes, Mexican food, and even a Doritos salad (you guessed it: a salad with Doritos crumbled over it). The place certainly can't be charged with a lack of ambition. After looking at the menu, one downtowner commented: "This motherfucka got an omelet!"

We spoke with an employee who told us that Herschel would be at the restaurant in person on Saturday for a VIP event and perhaps on Sunday, but made no promises. I have included images below of the interior of the restaurant, along with the chicken wings menu which includes 29 different varieties (why not 34?). I'll post the entire takeout menu tomorrow.

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