Friday, May 4, 2012

More %$@#!*^ yogurt?

Blood for vampires. Yogurt for assholes. Not sure yet if this brand of yogurt is served in a bucket or a pony keg, but Bobalicious (also a pre-teen lipstick) is coming to Athens. You can see the pending development on this map (corner of Broad and Finley).

And what is Bobalicious about..."each location offers some of the best in amenities. You’ll find anything from high tech entertainment to flat screens lined up along the yogurt machines, and even an interactive Xbox/Wii station." Tired of your non-interactive Wii? Well get your yogurt starved ass down to Bobalicious and don't forget the shovel-cum-towel device required to front load their served-on-a-palett treats.

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